Frequently asked questions



What is

It is a platform for professional photographers. It allowed to have their own e-commerce store offering their photographs to customers with an easy and attractive navigation, and the ability to protect your albums with a security code, for sale completely confidential.

Do I have to register to buy in

No, no registration required. You can buy entering your data with each order, but if you register, you only need to type it once.

If I sign up, are you going to send advertising?

Certainly not. Your data is safe with us, and never will sell or cede to third parties for any activity. You can visit the "Privacy Policy" section to learn more about it.

How do you send my photos?

The digital image can be downloaded online once purchased. You will also receive a download link in your email, so you can download it after making the purchase, in total comfort. Paper copies and frames are sent by transport agency.

What is a TR code?

It is a security code that your photographer has given you, through which you can view your pictures in complete privacy. Only you have access to these images.

What are collections?

They are photo albums that persist over time, that is, that are not of a particular event. An example of "collection" would be an album of pictures of butterflies, where the author is adding photos as he going getting.

What are the events?

They are photo albums of a particular event. The pictures of the New York City Marathon is an example of "event".

What are "photo rights"?

They are the set of rights that the photographer gives buyers of your photos. For example, if a photographer grants the photo rights "for all purposes", this means that customers who buy it can use it freely, under any circumstances.

How can I know the particular photo rights of each picture?

Just before adding the photo to your cart, you can take advice the photo rights that the photographer has been set for that picture,

What taxes levied on these pictures?

Under current European legislation, the digital download of pictures came burdened with taxes of buyer's country, if any. Not tangible products, such as paper copies or frames, which will be levied taxes the seller's country, in our case, of Spain. All this is duly detailed in our bills.

What payment forms are accepted in

We accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), and also payments through the PayPal platform.

Is safe to shop in

Of course. All sensitive data relating to the payment (credit card numbers, passwords, etc.) run directly on the website of the bank or PayPal platform, with total security. In addition, all website is SSL (https) protected with secure environment, so that your data and your photos are completely safe.

And the photos that appear with watermark?

The photos that appear with watermark it's because it has so choose your photographer. Clearly, the photo you download after you make the purchase is free from this mark.

If I have a question, I can get in touch with my photographer?

Indeed. You will find a contact form at the bottom of this web page where you can contact your photographer or us.